UVG – Unreal Vector Graphics

UVG is software I am developing for producing vector graphics using only rational and integer numbers. Some examples :

Unit circle : dp[3/8, -1/4, 1/2]

An example of rational parameterization of the unit circle in a generalized dot product geometry, where the dot product is a symmetric bilinear form with l=3/8, m=-1/4, and n=1/2. This diagram is based on the Youtube video by Norman J. Wildberger ‘WildTrig78 : Geometry with a general dot product’. General Dot Product Geometries were developed by Professor Wildberger and his PhD students Gennady Notowidigdo and Nguyen Le.


Posted Sept.27, 2017, Brian J. Wong

Dipolynumber Gradients

These are gradient patterns produced by filling the area between two polynumbers (polynomials) with rational coefficients. One can link up multiple dipolynumber gradients to form complex gradients.